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Life Skills

WHO Definition

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Life Skills as abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. They are abilities that facilitate the physical, mental and emotional well-being of an individual.

Important Life Skills

Important life skills include self-awareness, critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication skills, decision making, problem solving, empathy, coping with emotions, coping with stress and inter-personal relationships.

VOICE’s View

VOICE recognizes that adolescents have an urgent need for life skills coaching to guide them through their formative years, now more than ever. Increased access to technology has exponentially increased the volume of information that children are exposed to these days. It is next to impossible for parents, guardians and educators to monitor this content and indiscriminate assimilation can harm more than help. Studies suggest that as much as 85% of ailments today are psychosomatic in nature and originate in the mind. It has therefore become important to inspire and orient our children positively so that they may choose and sort through information wisely and constructively. Furthermore, life skills’ coaching builds the necessary stability that these children will require in their future personal, professional and social lives.

VOICE’s Approach

Inspiration and orientation come first because they create the necessary motivation and atmosphere required to commence on a path of self-improvement and personal growth. VOICE’s programs begin by creating awareness and enhancing perception of the self in relation to the world around.

Once enough awareness and interest has been generated, the focus shifts to building tangible life skills including effective communication, decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking and coping with emotions among others.

The ultimate aim of every program is to suitably equip adolescents with the stability and maturity which they will require to successfully handle personal, professional and social situations.

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